Keeping up with the constantly evolving requirements of the poultry industry with experience of constructing bases for free range and conventional housing, Connop and Son has the knowledge to ensure that your individual building project meets all of your expectations.

Connop and Son work closely with all of the companies involved in the construction of a poultry house with an understanding of the requirements of all trades such as the steel erectors, equipment installers, electricians and plumbers. This means a reduction in hassle for the farm owner and eliminates any potential for wasted time within the construction process.

At Connop and Son we have groups of workers dedicated to each individual aspect of the basework:

  • Earth movement / groundwork
  • Foundations
  • Mass concrete walls
  • Laser screed floor
  • Service installation

Folly Farm, Eardisland, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9BS
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